Portable Anechoic Chambers

Not everyone has the time, space or budget to design and build an in-house anechoic chamber.  This is why Diamond Engineering has created portable chambers.  They come in various sizes and configurations, but can also be customized specifically to fit all of your needs from budget considerations to technical requirements.  Internally, they are metallic-free and designed to perform measurements as low as 5 GHz and as high as 60 GHz.

These chambers are shipped fully built and designed to be able to fit through average office or elevator doors.  They are quick to setup and easy to move – free of concern about jeopardizing the validity of your measurements, no matter where you perform them.

We can develop a full turn-key solution to include everything you could need such as lighting, ventilation, all absorber and even a positioner!  Please click the button below to be taken to a short questionnaire so we can best assist you.

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