DE04-2 Multi-Axis Automated Reference Frame

Basic Usage

The DE04-2 Reference frame system is designed for mounting a reference antenna, a device under test (DUT) or materials under test (MUT). The frame can be moved on the Z-Axis (horizontal in reference to positioner) or rotated on the azimuth axis a full 360 degrees.


Mirror Method Usage

When the 4-foot reference mirror option is installed, single antenna real-time vector S-Parameter gain measurements may be performed using Diamond Engineering’s proprietary software algorithm. This methodology has been shown to be more accurate and much faster than the traditional 3-point method. This method involves simple S11 measurements. Expensive VNAs are not required for this method of antenna calibration (only a low-cost single-port VNA is necessary). 1-meter and 3-meter measurements (or anything between) become trivial.

The mirror plane is made parallel using a laser and an optically flat mirror. Can also accommodate material for measurement from 1 to 4 sq. ft using Diamond Engineering’s Material Measurement Software (as shown below).

Educational discounts are available for students, teachers or staff of universities or technical schools.

Key Features & Functions

  • Easy single antenna measurements
  • Material measurements
  • Reference probe positioning
  • Phase center measurements
  • Spherical near field


  • Multiple configuration options
  • Ultra-high precision (up to 0.02º)
  • Ideal for large chambers

What's Included?

The standard DE04-2 package features:

  • 2-axis positioner with tilt
  • Software control
  • Power supply
  • DUT mounting hardware
  • Tools and documentation
  • 3-year warranty

DE04-2 Specifications


Footprint:120” x 36” (305 cm x 91.5 cm)
Total Height:84” (213 cm)
Total Width:48" (122 cm)
Total Weight:150 lbs (44.9 kg)
Frame payload:Up to 50 pounds (22.7 kg)
Positioner payload:Up to 100 pounds (45.4 kg)
Minimum MUT / DUT:12" x 12" (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)
Maximum MUT / DUT:48" x 48" (122 cm x 122 cm)
Frame:Fiberglass, PLA, acrylic, garolite, nylon
Linear axis:Wood base with hardened steel linear rail bearings
Rotary axis:Aluminum, brass, steel


Linear Axis
Total travel:7.25 feet (2.2 m)
Drivetrain:Linear ball screw with NEMA 23 closed-loop stepper motor
Resolution2 mm
Maximum speed:40 in/sec (100 cm/sec)
Minimum speed:0.4 in/sec (0.1 cm/sec)
Rotary Axis
Range:Continuous azimuth (limited to +/- 360º w/ cable pass-through)
Pass-through diameter:3 inches (75 mm )
Drivetrain:Precision worm gear with NEMA 23 stepper motor
Maximum speed:60 deg/sec
Minimum speed:1 deg/sec
Mounting Tilt
Range:+/- 10º (from 80º to 90º)

External Control Pendant

Cable length:24 feet (7.25 meters)
Display type:2-line LCD
Display monitoring:Axis position and status
Movement resolution:0.55 mm to 10 mm per increment
Power:Powered via control cable
Weight:8 oz (0.25 kg)

Standard Models

DE04-2Standard reference frame, no accessories
DE04-2-MIRRORMirror kit w DAMS Antenna Measurement Suite
DE04-2-ABSAbsorber kit
DE04-2-FOAMFoam pedestal w/ delrin mounting rod (user specified specs)


OPT-ENCEncoder feedback capability
DPA-PDKDAMS Platform Development Kit
OPT-SMASoftware maintenance agreement


DEPC-DPre-configured PC (desktop)
DEPC-LPre-configured PC (laptop)
DE-SIMDAMS Antenna & Network Simulator software add-on
DPA-SW-N2FSpherical nearfield processing
DPA-AUTOPOL18 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DPA-AUTOPOL-4040 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DE-05xxBroadband reference horn 500 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz
DE-07xxBroadband reference horn 700 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz

Product documents

  DE04-2 Series Datasheet

  DE04-2 Series Installation Manual (coming soon)

  DAMS Software Suite Manual

  Diamond Engineering Products Brochure

Part Drawings

(coming soon)


If you’re looking for drawings, please contact us.

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