Broadband Reference Horn Antenna

Diamond Engineering has spent the last decade pioneering our broadband reference horn antennas, ensuring they’re capable of consistent gain across wide frequency ranges, eliminating the need to purchase several different antennas.  For example, the DE0540 replaces three standard gain horns making it ideal for antenna characterization. Combining well established antenna design theory in combination with extensive R&D and material testing has produced fantastic results.

The special dielectric cone is where the magic happens – it controls the beamwidth and associated gain.  This digitally optimized lens dramatically improves beam profile and gain. The Diamond Engineering reference horn antenna can be used for measurement and/or super broadband communications.  The wide band operation is well suited for material measurements, time domain and RCS measurements. The excellent match and monotonic gain provide a unique combination of application and performance. Higher low band gain is an available option using a 60 cm ground plane.

These antenna can also likely be tailored to your specific needs by utilizing various lenses.  The lens system is designed for aperture frequency gain characteristics (i.e. gain increases with frequency). When used in communications, the gain compensates cable and device frequency losses. The output terminals of the DE0540 are ∞ ohms.

A special modification can be utilized so that the terminal impedance is 50 ohm from DC through 40GHz. This makes it possible to use a single ended amplifier stage for ultra-low noise operation which eliminates the balanced, more costly LNA.  Please see more detailed information below on the various models we offer.

Educational discounts are available for students, teachers or staff of universities or technical schools.

Key Features & Functions

  • 500 MHz to 50 GHz (model dependent)
  • Linear Polarization
  • Rx & Tx of 50 watts
  • K connector
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 typ


  • Light (only 4 pounds!) and easy to handle
  • Laser boresight to simplify aiming
  • Consistent 20+ dBi gain at 20 GHz+

What's Included?

The standard D6050 package features:

  • Broadband Reference Antenna
  • Mounting bracket & hardware
  • Instruction manual


Technical Details

Pattern typeDirectional
Nominal Frequency Range500 MHz to 40 GHz
Usable Frequency Range300 MHz to 50 GHz
Isotropic Gain3dB typical
Antenna Factor50 typical
Nominal Impedence50 ohm
Standing Wae Ratio SWR2:1 typical
3dB Beamwidth (E-Plane)10° @ 20 GHz
3dB Beamwidth (H-Plane)12° @ 20 GHz
Max Input Power1 watt
Connector type2.92mm (K connector)


Physical Dimensions

Height14.5" (368.3 mm)
Width14.5" (368.3 mm)
Depth16.5" (413.1 mm)
Weight4.5 pounds (2 kg)

Typical Profiles

Typical Gain

VSWR for AZ-EL (0,0) plus normalized beamwidth profiles



E-Plane & H-Plane Profiles


Typical 3dB Beam Profiles (700 MHz to 40 GHz)


Antenna Factor Plot

Standard Models

DE0518500 MHz - 18 GHz
DE0526500 MHz - 26 GHz
DE0530500 MHz - 30 GHz
DE0540500 MHz - 40 GHz

Additional models not listed may be available.  Please click below to request a quote.

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Laser boresight accessory (to further assist aiming)

Carbon fiber tripod

RPT Positioning Tower (eliminates need for tripod)

Custom Pelican-style carrying case (for safe keeping)

1 sq. ft. aluminum back plane (to increase gain)

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NEW: Custom Pelican Case for Horn

Diamond Engineering now offers a custom pelican case to ensure your horn can be transported and stored safely.  For more information, please contact us or request a quote.