Antenna Measurement Systems

Overview of Diamond Engineering’s Antenna Measurement Systems and Positioners featuring weight capacities up to 250 Lbs. and frequencies up to 110 GHz

D6050 Series

The D6050 is Diamond Engineering’s most popular antenna measurement system. This multi axis platform is capable of operation from DC to 67 GHz with standard coaxial components, or up to 110 GHz with waveguide components. It has a greater payload capacity than the D6025, as well as wider extension capabilities for larger DUTs. This positioner can be configured with up to 5 Axis


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D6050 Antenna Positioner

D6025 Series

The D6025 is the newest addition to Diamond Engineering’s antenna measurement system product line.  It’s a highly versatile multi-axis antenna positioner suited for devices up to 25 pounds (11.5 kg). The D6025 features our non-metallic, belt-driven head to provide a low-reflection environment ideal for electrically small or omni-directional antennas.


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DCP252A Series

The DCP-252A is a precision 2-axis EL/AZ positioner, which is primarily designed for radar module testing and calibration. AZ and EL stages are stepper motor powered worm gear tables with 0.025 degree native resolution. Each axis has a home sensor which can be used to set pre-calibrated home positions. A super heavy duty tripod provides a solid foundation for precision measurements.


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DC402 Series

The DC402 is a compact gimbal positioner using both worm and belt drive components to offer high precision with low reflectivity for loads up to 40 pounds. This positioner is specifically designed for compact test ranges and enclosures for testing 5G, mmW and phased array radar components and assemblies.


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DC402 Gimbal Positioner

Classic DAMS Series

The DAMS – Desktop Antenna Measurement System is our original low cost compact antenna measurement system. Featuring 360 degrees of azimuth with up to +/- 90 degrees of tilt.  Upgradable to Phi-Theta configuration for full 3D antenna patterns.

DAMS x000 Series

Light-weight, portable and capable of handling antennas up to 20 pounds.

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DAMS x100 Series

Medium-duty, and capable of handling antennas up to 150 pounds.

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DAMS x250 Series

Heavy-duty, and capable of handling antennas up to 250 pounds.

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Turnkey Packages

Diamond Engineering’s goal is to make your measuring tasks as easy as possible.  However, since everyone has unique desires and needs, no single package could ever be perfect for all.  This is why we work with our customers to develop custom turnkey solutions.  This turnkey package may be as simple as a positioner with a low-cost VNA; or, as complex as an entirely custom anechoic chamber, a positioner, a VNA, and custom software to perform unique functions.

Whatever the case may be, Diamond Engineering will work diligently to provide the most versatile and cost-effective solution to fit your criteria.  We have developed a quick web-based form to get an idea of what you are hoping to achieve and we will help you determine the best route to achieve your measurement goals.  Our vast experience and connections throughout the RF and microwave industries will ensure you get expert guidance and the lowest prices.


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Turnkey Chamber

Broadband Reference Horns

Diamond Engineering offers ultra broadband reference horns capable of spanning 500 MHz to 40+ GHz.   Please click the button below to view specific models and options.

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