Full Spherical Mount (FSM-5)

The Diamond Engineering Full Spherical Mount (FSM5) is an optional add-on for the DAMS Series platforms to add an additional axis of rotation capability. The structure utilizes Delrin ball bearings and a completely non-metallic design (with the only exception being the motor body itself). The FSM5 enables full spherical measurements to fine resolutions of up to 0.1 degrees. The mount is ideal for unobstructed gain data and efficiency with a low radar cross section which registers at less than -20dBSm. The belt-driven system is a plug-and-play substition to the DAMS elevations motor option.

  FSM-5 Datasheet

Educational discounts are available for students, teachers or staff of universities or technical schools.

Key Features & Functions

  • Low reflection (90% Delrin construction)
  • Wide frequency range options (DC to 18 GHz or DC to 40 GHz)
  • 6-inch horizontal adjustment for AUT/DUT centering
  • 12-inch vertical height
  • Up to 0.1 degree movement resolution
  • 5- or 10-pound load options (FSM-5 or FSM-10)
  • CTIA and general efficiency software features
  • Runs from existing DAMS Platform azimuth plug


  • Enables dual-axis movement
  • Additional precision rotary joint
  • Extremely high resolution (up to 0.1º per step)
  • 5 pound weight capacity
  • Complete 3 year warranty

Positioner Operating Specifications

Frequency Ranges:DC to 18 GHz (FSM-5-18)
DC to 40 GHz (FSM-5-40)
Platform Movement:360º continuous elevation range
As low as 0.1º degree steps
Platform Max Speed:30 R.P.M. azimuth
120º per minute elevation
Platform Mounting:Mounts to any DAMS platform simply with only four 10-32 thumb screws
Weight Capacity:5 pounds maximum
Drivetrain:Stepper motor with belt transmission
Warranty:1-year on parts and labor (DAMS 5000)
3-year on parts and labor (DAMS 6000/7000)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp:0º C to 45º C (32º F to 104º F) (with no condensation)
Transport Temp:-40º C to 60º C (-40º F to 140º F) (no condensation within 72 hours)

Standard Models

Unless otherwise specified all standard model packages include the positioner, DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio software, all RF components (rotary joints, adapters, cables, etc.) and AUT mounting hardware.  In addition, each system includes all necessary tools and extensive documentation.

FSM-5-18 (Frequency range from DC to 18 GHz)

FSM-5-40 (Frequency range from DC to 40 GHz)

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