DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio

The DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio is the culmination of over 10 years of development.  It’s designed to be user-friendly and packed with numerous helpful modules.  Not only will it allow you to collect your data and characterize your antenna, it also features broad test equipment support, time-saving automation capabilities, 2D- and 3D-plotting and dozens of ways to examine and manipulate your data.

See it in action!

If you’d like to download a demo version which includes our ideal antenna library and allows you to emulate actual antenna measurements, please click here to download software demo.

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DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio Screenshots

Key Features

  • Broad test equipment support
  • Remote platform control
  • Data storage registers
  • Import & export capabilities
  • Nyquist sampling
  • Matlab compatible

Data Processing & Visualization

  • Dual-Trace Plots
  • Pathloss Calculators
  • Full 3D & Spherical Plotting
  • Measurement Monitor Plots
  • Import Reference Antennas
  • Source Measurement Features
  • Gain Calculation
  • Link Commander
  • Efficiency
  • Radar Cross-section Profiling
  • 2D & 3D AZ-EL-F Plotting
  • Beam Width vs Frequency
  • …and more!

Platform Movement

Control Interface:USB/serial via DAMS controller
Available Adjustments:Platform type
Acceleration rate
Communication settings

Data Collection

Methods:Network analyzer
Spectrum analyzer
Power meter
Measurement Monitors:Log Magnitude
Polar Azimuth
Real-time Gain

Data Calculation Modules

Gain Calculation:Linear Gain
Circular Gain
Gain Transfer
Gain Substitution
3-Point Gain
Efficiency Calculation:Antenna Efficiency
Antenna Efficiency w/ AUT Losses
Path-Loss Calculation:General Path-Loss Calculation
Gradient Path Distance Calculator
S21group Delay / Distance
Constant Gain or Loss
Reference Antenna Import:Tab delimited ASCII format (TXT)
S1P format

Data Visualization

Polar Plots:Azimuth
Full Elevation Cuts
GNUplot Polar
Smith Chart Overlay
Contour Export Support
Dynamic Polar Plot
2D (XY) Plots:Amplitude Over Frequency(s)
Az/El over Amplitude
Group Delay
Beamwidth vs. Frequency
GNUplot Amplitude
3D Plots:Azimuth
Azimuth vs. Frequency vs. Amplitude
Azimuth vs. Elevation vs. Amplitude

Data Manipulation Features

            • Standard Register Calculator
            • Array Calculator
            • Link Commander
            • Measurement Corrections

Import & Export Features

Supported Data Formats:XLS (Excel)
DAMS formats
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Near-field to Far-field Conversion Add-on

  • Fast, mult-frequency data transformations
  • Selectable angular resolution
  • 2D & 3D graphical outputs
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