Auto-Polarization Switches

Diamond Engineering is now offering auto-polarization switches.  Our AUTOPOL-40-4T-M is a programmable SP4T mechanical switch operating from DC – 40 GHz and features 2.92 mm K-connectors. The unit features both front panel and remote control options – via Serial, 5V TTL, or from control pendant with position indicator. A proprietary mechanical design cleans the contacts after each switch, which provides up to 5-million cycles at 0.01dB repeatability with an overall 10-million cycle-rated lifespan.

Educational discounts are available for students, teachers or staff of universities or technical schools.

Key Features & Functions

  • Cut measurement time in half!
  • SP4T configuration, terminated
  • Unmatched isolation, minimum 65 dB at 40 GHz
  • Guaranteed 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability for 5 million cycles
  • Typical operating life, 10 million cycles


  • Easily switch through 4 ports
  • Intuitive design
  • Remote control option

What's Included?

The standard D6050 package features:

  • AUTOPOL-40-4T-M Switch Unit
  • Remote control pendant (optional)
  • 24v Power supply with universal 115/240v input
  • Type A to Type B – USB Cable (for virtual COM port access)
  • Users manual


Operating Specifications

Frequency rangeDC to 40 GHz
Insertion loss0.3 dB + 0.015 x freq. (GHz), DC to 26.5 GHz
0.030 x freq. (GHz) – 0.1 dB, 26.5 to 40 GHz
Isolation100 dB minimum, DC to 12 GHz
80 dB minimum, 12 to 15 GHz
70 dB minimum, 15 to 20 GHz
65 dB minimum, 20 to 40 GHz
SWR1.3 maximum, DC to 4 GHz
1.35 maximum, 4 to 12.4 GHz
1.5 maximum,12.4 to 18 GHz
1.7 maximum, 18 to 26.5 GHz
1.95 maximum, 26.5 to 40 GHz
Repeatability0.03 dB maximum (Up to 5 million cycles measured at 25 °C)
Connectors2.92 (F)


Switch Specifications

Parameter test (units)Conditions Min Nom Max
Supply voltage, Vcc
Option 024 and T24 (V)202432
Supply current, IccSwitching pulse width ≥ 15 ms: Vcc = 24 VDC
Option 024 and T24200
Supply current (quiescent)
Option 024 and T24 (mA)2550
Option T24
High level input (V)37
Low level input (V)0.8
Max high input current (mA)Vcc = Max; Vinput = 3.85 VDC11.4

Typical Profiles

Standard Models

DPA-AUTOPOL SPDT: Dual Polarization USB switch module, DC to 18 GHz

DPA-AUTOPOL-40-4M SPDT: Dual Polarization USB switch module, DC to 40 GHz

Additional models may be available.  Please click below to request a quote.

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