antenna measurement
Heavy-duty 100-pound capacity and frequencies up to 40 GHz

The DAMS x100 series Antenna Measurement Systems provides you with all of the tools necessary for accurate Antenna Measurements. Featuring dual-axis precision movement with advanced 3D Measurement Software to give you a true representaion of your measured Antenna.

Positioner Features
  • Up to 40 GHz Frequency Range
  • Precision 2 axis Movement
  • Non-Metallic platform
  • Ideal for small test environments
  • 360 Degrees Horizontal Rotation
  • +/- 90 Degree Elevation Movement
  • Standard USB/Serial Connection
  • For Small to Medium Sized Antennas
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Up to 801 frequencies
  • Real Time Measurement Display
  • GPIB Instrument Connection
  • Data Import/Export Functions
  • High Resolution 3D Plots
  • Works with most Analyzers
Advanced Features
  • Measurement array calculator
  • Iso-Sphere Plots
  • Spherical Plots
  • Plot Overlays
  • Amplitude and Polar Plots

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