The DCP252A is a precision 2-axis EL/AZ positioner, which is primarily designed for radar module calibration. AZ and EL stages are stepper motor powered worm gear tables with 0.025 degree native resolution. Each axis has a home sensor which can be used to set pre-calibrated home positions. A high capacity tripod provides stability for the positioner.

What’s Included?

The standard DCP252A package features a 2-axis positioner, our powerful DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio, precision RF cables and rotary joints, all tools and documentation, plus DUT mounting hardware. Everything is backed by 3-year warranty.

Measurement Capabilities

  • 2D & 3D Spherical Measurements (AZ over EL, EL over AZ, XYZ planes and more)
  • Far Field Parameters (gain, beamwidth, efficiency, directivity, polarization, isolation, and more)
  • Phase Center Measurements

System Highlights

  • Optional dual rotary joints
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Indexable mast offset up to 23” from center
  • Non-metallic DUT mounting axis
  • Ultra-high precision (up to 0.02º)
  • Ideal for most antennas up to 25 pounds


Model Frequency Price
DCP252A-6 DC-6 GHz Request Quote
DCP252A-18 DC-18 GHz Request Quote
DCP252A-40 DC-40 GHz Request Quote
DCP252A-50 DC-50 GHz Request Quote
DCP252A-mmW-CFX mmW Waveguide Request Quote

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Broadband Reference Antenna

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Milimeter Wave Guide Upgrade

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  • Minimizes outside RF interference
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