DAMS x100 Series

The DAMS x100 Series is our heavy-duty multi-axis antenna measurement system suited for devices up to 150 (68 kg).  It’s perfect for large and unweildy antennas as the positioner is chain and gear driven motor, which enables it to maintain precision positioning even under great weight.

What’s Included?

The standard DAMS x100 package features a 2-axis positioner, our powerful DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio, precision RF cables and rotary joints, all tools and documentation, plus DUT mounting hardware. Everything is backed by 3-year warranty.

Educational discounts are available for students, teachers or staff of universities or technical schools.


Key Features & Functions

  • 2D & 3D Spherical Measurements (AZ over EL, EL over AZ, XYZ planes and more)
  • Far Field Parameters (gain, beamwidth, efficiency, directivity, polarization, isolation, and more)
  • OTA Measurements (TRP/TIS)
  • Phase Center Measurements
  • Spherical Near Field (optional)


  • Dual rotary joints
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Indexable mast offset up to 23” from center
  • Non-metallic DUT mounting axis
  • Ultra-high precision (up to 0.02º)
  • Ideal for most antennas up to 150 pounds (68 kg)

What's Included?

The standard DAMS x100 Series package features:

  • 2-axis positioner
  • DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio
  • Precision RF cables
  • Precision rotary joint
  • DUT mounting hardware
  • Tools and documentation
  • 1-year warranty

Platform Operating Specifications

Frequency Ranges:DC to 6 GHz (DAMS 5100)
DC to 18 GHz (DAMS 6100)
DC to 40 GHz (DAMS 7100)
Platform Movement:Up to 0.25º azimuth resolution (DAMS 5100)
Up to 0.10º azimuth resolution (DAMS 6100/7100)
360º continuous azimuth range
± 90º elevation range at 0.1º per step
Precision DC Servo motor
Drivetrain:Heavy-duty steel gear drive-train
Steel gear and worm, with ball and tapered roller bearings
Positioner Feedback:Precision potentiometer (DAMS 5100)
High accuracy resolver (DAMS 6100/7100)
Platform Max Speed:30 R.P.M. azimuth
120º per minute elevation
Platform Mounting:24” (61 cm) aluminum thrust plate with 150 pounds (68 kg) of payload capacity
Extra heavy-duty tripod
Weight Capacity:150 pounds (68 kg) maximum @ level position (capacity decreases with angle)
Cable Interface:Ultra high-quality cable with SMA connectors
Ultra-precision, low-noise rotary joint with SMA connectors
(“K” connectors on DAMS 7100)
Included Options:Digital level for precise setup
Positioning laser for long range alignment
DAMS Software Studio Pro
Advanced processing module
3-year warranty on parts and labor
Technical support

Controller Operating Specifications

Control Methods:DAMS Antenna Measurement Software (or any software with serial communication which requires the Platform Development Kit)
Interface:USB 1.1 (RS232 available upon request)
Input Power:24vDC 5.0A
Analyzer Interface:GPIB controller card (not included)
Physical Properties
Dimensions w/o Tripod:12” wide (30.5 cm)
12” deep (30.5 cm)
14” tall (35.5 cm)
Height:5” (12.5 cm) WITHOUT vertical movement assembly or tripod
35” (35.6 cm) MIN, 72” (182.88 cm) w/ vertical movement assembly and tripod
Weight:45 lbs. (20.4 kg) (without tripod and vertical assembly)
68 lbs. (30.8 kg) (with tripod and vertical assembly)
Positioner Composition:85% Aluminum
10% Stainless steel
5% Misc. plastics/metals
Tripod Composition:Aluminum and plastic

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temp:0º C to 45º C (32º F to 104º F) (with no condensation)
Transport Temp: -40º C to 60º C (-40º F to 140º F) (no condensation within 72 hours)

Standard Models

Unless otherwise specified, all standard model packages include the positioner, software, all RF components, AUT mounting hardware, and tools and documentation.

ModelFrequency Range
DAMS 5100DC to 6 GHz
DAMS 6100DC to 18 GHz
DAMS 7100DC to 40 GHz

Should you be interested in any of the following options, simply reference them in your inquiry for more information or pricing.



DFSM5-xxFull Spherical Mount (5 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DFSM10-xxFull Spherical Mount (10 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DFSM25-xxFull Spherical Mount (25 pound capacity)
(xx = available ranges from DC to 18, 40 or 50 GHz)
DPA-LASERTOOL-BLaser alignment tool
DPA-DIGILEVELDigital level
PT-DMS-THRUSTP-ACRLarger thrust plate
(12" acrylic, 0.350" thick)
PT-DMS-THRUSTP-ALMLarger thrust plate
(12" aluminum, 0.25" thick)
OPT-ENCEncoder feedback capability
DPA-PDKDAMS Platform Development Kit
OPT-SMASoftware maintenance agreement


DEPC-DPre-configured PC (desktop)
DEPC-LPre-configured PC (laptop)
DE-SIMDAMS Antenna & Network Simulator software add-on
DPA-SW-N2F Spherical nearfield processing
DPA-AUTOPOL18 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DPA-AUTOPOL-4040 GHz SPDT RF switch auto-polarizer with cables/adapters
DE-05xxBroadband reference horn 500 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz
DE-07xx Broadband reference horn 700 MHz to 18, 26, 30 or 40 GHz

Customer Support

Diamond Engineering takes great pride in providing top-notch customer and technical support.  If you are having any issues with your system, we welcome you contact us directly.  We can walk you through or suggest solutions to any issues you may have.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Microwave Library

If you have not already reviewed the materials in the Microwave Library, we encourage you to.  There you will find numerous application notes detailing how to accomplish many types of tasks.

To visit the Microwave Library, click here.

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