FSM-10 Spherical Mount

fsm10-small.png The Diamond Engineering Full Spherical Mount is a DAMS platform option that may be added to any DAMS x000, x100, or x250 series system. The mount utilizes Delrin® ball bearings and structure, and enables full spherical measurements to resolutions as low as 0.1 degrees. The mount is ideal for unobstructed Gain, TRP, TIS and Efficiency.

Features include:
  • Low reflection - 90% delrin construction
  • up to 50GHz (FSM10-50)
  • z axis adjustment for centering DUT over turntable
  • 16-inch vertical height
  • 0.1 degree movement resolution
  • 10-pound load capacity
  • DAMS Studio Pro with Spherical and Efficiency modules
  • Connects to standard DAMS 2 and 3 axis controllers
pdf icon Download the brochure for the Full Spherical Antenna Mount



New Item!Antenna Network & Measurement Simulator

Now offering our full feature two-port simulator with wave analysis which includes fully customizable drag-and-drop elements that enable users to create diversified simulations in frequency or time domain. Three main objects include schematic, amplitude (or Smith chart) and an array calculator.

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Other Features:
  • Analyze networks, including path-loss or phase
  • Create phased arrays or sector arrays
  • Radar Cross-Section (RCS) simulation and measurement
  • Create matching circuits for measured antennas
  • Use the antenna emulation library for ideal networks

Sample drag-and-drop elements: